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    Pub Snacks / Soup & Salad

Want Something A Little Extra?

Mary’s Organic non GMO Chicken 6.99

6 Grilled Shrimp 6.99

1/2 lb. Burger Patty 6.99

Scoop Of Tuna 6.99

Veggie Patty 6.99

Side of sesame slaw 3.29

Three pieces bacon 3.99

2 oz any sauce .75

Gluten free bread 1.29

Add cheese 2.29

Sub salad instead of sandwich side 2.99

About Us

Matteo's Public was founded on the belief that only through the success of our community will we prosper. Because of this belief, we are committed to supporting our local farmers and ranchers and we give back to our community by hosting frequent fundraisers.

Additionally we will have organic ingredients when possible, which may or may not be noted in the menu.

Live Music

Summer Hours

Monday          4pm to 9:30pm
Tuesday         4pm to 9:30pm
Wednesday    4pm to 9:30pm
Thursday        4pm to 9:30pm
Friday              4pm to 11pm
Saturday         11:30 till 9:30pm *Open for lunch
Sunday             11:30 till 9:30pm *Open for lunch